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Airpura P600 HEPA Air Purifier


HOW IT WORKSThe Airpura P600 air purifier not only uses a pre-filter, carbon filter, HEPA filter, and UV germicidal lamp, it also contains the new TitanClean Photocatalytic Oxidizer for the most complete air cleaning system available today. Air first passes through a pre-filter designed to capture large particles. After the bigger particles are removed, the air passes through eighteen pounds of carbon to absorb airborn chemicals and noxious gases, odors and smoke. Then there is a true HEPA filter that traps 99.97% of particles, as small as 0.3 microns. The purifier also contains Airpura’s TitanClean Reflectors which aid in a process of oxidation where molecular bonds are broken and airborne chemicals are reduced to smaller, safer compounds. This is a great solution for those looking to remove chemicals . With eighteen pounds of impregnated carbon and the Titanium Dioxide Photocatalytic Oxidization it removes many chemicals, such as Radon, Benzene, Ammonia, Exhaust fumes, Carbon monoxide, and Formaldehyde (found in glues and sealants). See Airpura’s P600 Fact Sheet for more information.ADDITIONAL FEATURESThe Airpura P600 is made of powder coated steel in Montreal, Canada. It features simple-to-use dial control with infinite number of speeds. Casters allow you to easily move the purifier.FILTER CHANGESFilter changes require flipping the unit upside down, removing screws with a screwdriver. Then you must remove the used filters and replace the new filters according to the manual. After replacing the filters, the bottom panel needs to be screwed back on and the purifier turned back upright.AIR FLOW AND POSITIONINGAir is pulled in from all directions around the sides of the air purifier and clean air is pushed out from 360 degrees around the top of the sides of the purifier. Place so that the sides of the air purifier are not blocked.WHAT’S IN THE BOXUnit Size: 23″ Height x 15″ Width x 15″ Deep Weight: 45 lbsFilters (pre-installed in unit) Pre-Filter HEPA Filter Carbon Filter UV Germicidal Lamp TitanClean Reflectors Sleeve for Pre-Filters (black units only)OPTIONAL FEATURES P600+ coated HEPA filter (for 3x the photcatalytic capacity) 220V power supply (please specify in which country the unit will be operated)Optional features must be customized to your unit and may have an additional charge. Call (800) 334-1494 to complete your order with an Air Purification Consultant.

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